ASA Proud to Support Non-profit, A Bed For Every Child

American Sleep Association is proud to support the non-profit organization, A Bed for Every Child.

A Bed for Every Child works to distribute new twin beds to children throughout Massachusetts who do not have one of their own. The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless partners with public schools to assist students whose families are at risk of becoming homeless. In 2011, advocates learned that many students in local public schools were not getting a good night’s sleep because they did not have their own bed to sleep in at night.

From their website:

The Coalition’s early intervention and direct service work, along with our commitment to finding long-term solutions to homelessness, have allowed us to develop innovative programming and realistic solutions to ending homelessness. Over the past decade, the Coalition’s approach has increasingly focused on homelessness prevention.  Prevention is cost effective, supports the ability for households to maintain economic stability, and gives children the stability needed to receive a solid education. The Coalition integrates prevention resources at the places where people are already receiving services, thus providing seamless and timely access to prevention resources.   We also run a furniture bank that has helped thousands of households transitioning out of homelessness obtain the essentials they need to make their new house a home.  

To find out more about A Bed for Every Child, visit their website. You can donate directly here.

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