Sleeping Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Fast

Falling asleep sounds so easy, and yet for many people, it can be a real challenge and can even be a pathway to insomnia. Sleep is a basic biological need, meaning that we need to get enough of it for our minds and bodies to function properly. 

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. First, let’s look at the science behind sleep. Then, let’s go over some sleeping tips that can help you fall asleep fast.

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Understanding Sleep

Falling asleep is a normal and necessary part of the sleep/wake cycle. During waking hours, the pressure to fall asleep continues to build until sleep time. This pressure to fall asleep, also called ‘sleep debt‘, is decreased or ‘paid off’ while sleeping.  When the sleep debt, or sleep pressure, is not reduced, sleep deprivation occurs.

Things That Make it Difficult to Fall Asleep

There are many things that can make it difficult to fall asleep, including:

  • Stress
  • Caffeine (including coffee, dark tea, soda, energy drinks, etc.)
  • Nicotine (cigarettes and chewing tobacco)
  • Alcohol
  • A more complex sleep disorder

If you have difficulty falling asleep for more than a few days, you may have insomnia. There are several causes of insomnia. There are also several treatment options for insomnia. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, also known as CBT-I, is a widely recommended approach. If you would like to learn more about how CBT-I can help with sleep, Sleepstation offers a fully supported online course. Many have found behavioral therapy to be a preferable option to medication. 

Over-the-counter supplements, like melatonin or CBD oil are sometimes used for the treatment of insomnia. Read more about the effectiveness of alternative treatment options like CBD oil and melatonin.

Every person has a specific amount of sleep that they need. For most, it is eight hours. Some need more, and some need less. If you feel sleepy during the daytime, you probably are not getting enough quantity or quality of sleep.

With so many individuals searching for the secret of how to fall asleep, we felt it beneficial to review a few key sleeping tips to help you fall asleep quickly.

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Sleeping Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Fast

  1. Have a ritual – go to bed at the same time. Wake up at the same time.
  2. Calm yourself before bedtime – Many enjoy yoga, a hot shower or bath, or listening to soothing music or ASMR. Do something that relaxes you as part of your nightly ritual.
  3. Avoid things that will keep you awake – this includes avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bedtime. Don’t exercise right before bedtime.
  4. Don’t watch TV or read in bed – you only want to associate your bed and bedroom with sleep
  5. While in bed, if you find yourself awake for more than 10 minutes, get out of bed and sit in a chair until you are sleepy.
  6. Don’t stress out about not falling asleep. If you have a bad night, or find yourself awake for longer than expected, don’t be upset at yourself.
  7. Realize that daytime naps will subtract some of the sleep pressure that you will have at night. Use them with caution if you’re having difficulty sleeping at night.
  8. Create a bedroom sanctuary – Create a calming bedroom with things like weighted blankets, essential oil diffusers, soft music, and dim lighting. 
  9. Follow good sleep hygiene – Sleep hygiene is defined as behaviors that one can do to help promote good sleep using behavioral interventions.
  10. Engage with online sleep services that provide support and are specifically designed to improve your sleep. Online sleep clinics can help you pinpoint the cause of your problems and give you the support and guidance needed to improve your sleep.  Sleepstation. Offers an online service that is fully supported with sleep qualified experts.

It is important to reduce anxiety before bedtime. Realize that falling asleep is a natural, biological process. You do not need a special substance or ‘trick’ to fall asleep. The need to sleep is ingrained in your DNA. Every person has a specific amount of sleep that they require. You cannot force yourself to sleep if you have already slept enough. Similarly, you cannot sleep less than what your body requires. Trying to sleep more than what you need can actually lead to insomnia.

Need more help? Learn about these calming rituals to help you fall asleep faster

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23 thoughts on “Sleeping Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Fast

  1. Jack Alan Reply


    Does earthing help you fall asleep:

    Do you suggest which products to try:

  2. Ireland Reply

    I have trouble sleeping and this didnt work much.. Its 3:50am and im typing this. Im 12 and for some reason every night i get nightmares and idk why. I ge them about people i live most being killed infront of me, people killin g me by stabbing a knife throught my back and way more.. Im thinking thats why but idk if it is why i cant sleep.. Any tips for that?

  3. Mal Reply

    I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, but if I do get 10-11 hours of sleep I’m still yawning all day. I’ve tried meditation, no screens, reading\not reading, and going to bed early. I have also tried sleep pills which help me fall asleep but I still wake up during the night. PLEASE HELP

    • Jan Reply

      MAL, please consider following Dr Stasha Gominak’s advice – she rightly links sleep with D and B vitamins and lack of sleep repair with many health issues. Very easy to follow her gold tips : )

  4. Thomas J. DeSantis Reply

    Greetings I have a problem with my SO CLEAN Machine it do not work properly I can not set the Clock to have IT auto start please have someone From SO CLEAN contact me to figure out what is Wrong and how / where to have it Fixed Thank you

  5. Chloe Reply

    I’ve tried everything and nothing works I need help. I’m super sleepy and tired I try the 4 7 8 breathing thing I need sleep!!!

  6. ASHLEE Reply

    I’ve tried everything on the list and more acupuncture,auromatherapy,4-7-8breathign meathod,and more.pls help (╥︿╥)

  7. Travis Hawkins Reply

    While in bed, if you find yourself awake for more than 10 minutes, get out of bed and sit a chair until you are sleepy.
    Don’t stress out about not falling asleep. If you have a bad night, or find yourself awake for longer than expected, don’t be upset yourself.
    Realize that daytime naps with subtract some of the sleep pressure that you will have at night. Use them with caution if having difficulty sleeping at nighttime.

    *I recommend proofreading your website.

    • ASHLEE Reply

      I’m only 12 and suffering from sleep deprivation, I’m tired all day and energetic all night my new school’s schudle has me wakign up at 5:00AM I usually fall asleep late in the morning, I toss and turn uncomfortably all night long and fall asleep when the birds are already singing and light is shining through my window, I’ve tried acupuncture,setting a schudle, eating healthy,the 4-7-8 breathing method, the “Don’t think/Think of a relaxing scene meathod,auroma therapy, earbuds(I have a noisy family the earbuds don’t help), drinking a tea that is known for making people tired, reducing green light exposure, exercising during the day, and after all that I’m still wide awake…writing this at 11:58PM…WIIIIIIDE AWAKE. I think I might have insomnia or anxiety that affects me while I try to sleep because NOTHING WORKS! if some one would suggest something to help I will greatly appreciate it. Thank u

      • keystr0ke Reply

        It is blue light you should stay away from and dont use your phone in or before bed. Avoid all light if possible too.

  8. Mike C Reply

    I can fall asleep, just can’t stay asleep, even with time release melatonin. I feel like I get up to per 4 or 5 times a night. This is miserable.

  9. Alistair Jackson Reply

    I am sometimes so sleep deprived i see thinga that a not there. Terrible pain in muscles and very distracted. Problem is dont know what to do about it.

  10. jaredh4 Reply

    I follow the sleep hygiene rules. They are very helpful in helping to fall asleep faster. One thing not mentioned in the article is to consider other health problems. Any disorder that causes pain will interfere with falling asleep. they should be addressed. Medications also can interfere with sleep.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you this made me fall asleep faster. The fact that I fell asleep faster is because of you all !!!!!!!!

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