Debbie Sasson, PsyD

Debbie Sasson, PsyD, Debbie is the co-founder of Sleep Sisters (, a group of two “real-life” sisters who work together to help sleepless families get back on track! Not only is she a mom to daughters, Margo & Julia, but also has a doctorate in clinical psychology. All of Debbie’s sleep work is informed by her knowledge about brain development, emotional development and family relationships.

debbie sasson

Debbie really believes that a couple’s relationship (if there are two parents in a family) is deeply affected when a new baby arrives…especially when she isn’t sleeping! As she works with families, she always keeps in mind that the family dynamic is always in play and finds that developing the right sleep plan can really help bolster the strength of the family relationship at such a critical time. Debbie also spend her summers working as the director of a residential camp for children with social struggles ( Many have a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. She has found over the past 6 years in her work with this population that many of them struggle with sleep. Debbie’s clinical skills, her experiences at camp and her work with private clinical patients have all allowed her to learn creative ways to help children on the spectrum (and their parents) to get the sleep they desperately need.

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