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Donate Your CPAP Machine


If you are no longer in need of your CPAP equipment, you can donate your machine to be safely recycled for reuse.  ASA works with qualified medical equipment companies that will refurbish your equipment for safe use by another patient in need.

We are accepting gently used working CPAP or Bi-PAP machine that are less than 4 years old and comes from a pet-free, smoke-free household.  Your donated machine can be used by others who cannot afford to purchase this equipment new at higher prices.

Recycling your old CPAP or BiPAP machine is a practical way to put a functional sleep apnea machine back into circulation.

Please fill out the form below – all fields are required.  If we are able to refurbish your machine, you will be contacted by the medical equipment company who will provide you with a prepaid mailing label.

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    ASA will donate net proceeds from this donation to FODAC, a charitable organization that provides durable medical equipment to disabled children and adults who are in need.  Since the ASA does not directly accept these donations of your equipment, we are currently unable to provide you a receipt to be used as a tax deduction.


    Sell Your CPAP

    Please know that a physician prescription is required in order to obtain a CPAP or BIPAP machine.  Therefore, it is not recommended to sell your CPAP equipment.  There are similar laws regulating CPAP hoses and masks.  If you do decide to try and sell your equipment research your state and federal laws that pertain to selling in person or over the internet. 


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    141 thoughts on “Donate Your CPAP

    1. Bob Andretta Reply

      There a quite a few question on here as to where unopened CPAP masks and cushions can be donated but no answers. I have the same question.

    2. Rachel Reply

      For anyone needing to dispose of an “old CPAP” machine, I wanted to share something I just learned. I am in Los Angeles, California and the County of Los Angeles holds events called “Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste” disposal days. It’s a prescheduled day and you can bring your old CPAP machines to properly dispose of them to one of these events. They annually start up in Spring and shut down in
      Winter. Since we can’t seem to find takers for the old CPAP machines, this is the ideal way to dispose of them if you are in Los Angeles. Good luck!

    3. Susan Hostetter Reply

      I have two machines that say Property of American Home Patient, what do I do with them, Do I have to call the company or can they be donated? I have also lots of hoses, face masks, and all the other equipment for CPap that are all still in packaging. Where can I donate them?

    4. Dave Reply

      I have unopened cpap nasal pillows. Is there a need for these by any organization or person? Otherwise, unfortunately, perhaps they should be discarded?

    5. Loretta Goudie Reply

      I have a 10+ year old cpap. I also have a cat, so I can’t donate it. How should I dispose of it? Any suggestions?

    6. S List Reply

      My husband recently switched to a different mask for his CPAP machine. Is there some place we can donate the unopened masks and other supplies? Thanks.

    7. Carol Foote Reply

      My ResMed unit is over 10 years old. Basic condition is still good. It does need work on the fan and humidifier. There are 4 cats in the home but I keep the bedroom door closed at all times to keep them out.

    8. Vincent DeMaria Reply

      I’m still waiting for a reply about two cpap machines I want to donate. I sent two emails about three days ago .

    9. Carole Cornell Reply

      My husband died a month ago. He received this Bi-Pap about a year ago. I hate to see it sitting in the corner while someone could use it. I would want a form for donation/tax purposes.

    10. Kathy Coles Reply

      I have 2 that are more than 4 years old; does that mean you can’t accept them? They haven’t been used in 4 years.

    11. Regina Wilburn Reply

      My CPAP is older than 10 years. If I can’t donate it, how do I dispose of it?

    12. Sue Ann Reply

      My father and I have new machines. However, we cannot donate our old machines because it’s part of the Philips recall. However, we have unused supplies still in packaging and majority is incompatible with our new machines so it’s money lost. I wonder if there is a way to donate the unused supplies? I hate to just throw them away since I know some of these supplies are very expensive.

    13. Iris L Woods Reply

      I have unused/unopened CPAP supplies to donate from my deceased sister. I hate to through them out. How can I donate these supplies?

    14. Jan C. Reply

      I have a CPAP machine that is more than 8 years from a pet-free, smoke-free home, can I donate it? I also have supplies that is unused and still in original package that I want to donate. Thanks!

    15. Michael Reply

      I don’t want any money I don’t want any tax break I just want somebody to use it if they can

    16. Vickie Zirkle Reply

      I have also supplies never been used, would you take those items as well, such as tubing, nasal masks and full face masks, nasal masks, filters for cpap machines. Sure hope you could use them I hate to throw in trash if someone could use them.

    17. Sue Reply

      I have a alot of supplies for the cpap machine that has been recalled (Philips) I hate to throw them all away. I now have a ResMed machine. Can they be donated to you?

    18. Linda Bruun Reply

      This was my fathers machine and it is great condition. I hope someone can use it. I also have a bunch of supplies that go with it.

    19. Lynne Hermanson Reply

      Have several new hoses and nasal masks I’ve lost 40lbs do not need do not want it to end up in a landfill

    20. Carol Tassoni Reply

      Like to donate a 2 year old Phillips Respironics c-pap machine in very good condition for someone in need

      • Coriel Reply

        You could donate one to ny husband. He is desperately in need. We live out of the USA, but we so have family that can send it to us. He is 32 years old, and has been needing one since 8 years ago.

    21. Robin Richter Reply

      What about unopened masks and hoses? Can these be donated to you?

    22. Carol Holmes Reply

      I have 4 resperonics Plus with humidifiers and one Resmid with a chamber

    23. Veronica Baker Reply

      I have un-used sealed CPAP supplies (mask pillows) and oxygen hoses that I do not want to put in the land fill. Never used or opened

    24. John Hubbs Reply

      I just hope I can donate this to someone in need of one and can’t afford to buy one.

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