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If you have a gently used working CPAP or Bi-PAP machine that is less than 7 years old and comes from a pet-free, smoke-free household. REPAP works with clinics and hospitals nationwide who can not afford to purchase this equipment at higher prices.

REPAP also accepts CPAP supplies as long as the supplies are new in their original, unopened packaging.

For products weighing less than 15lbs a USPS shipping label will be provided at no cost by REPAP to the email account you provided. They require a current address or P.O. Box number to complete the shippers information field electronically. CPAP Machines and Masks

There are a few businesses that accept used CPAP machines, then refurbish and recycle them so that they can be used by others. Recycling your old CPAP or BiPAP machine is a practical way to put a functional sleep apnea machine back into circulation.

While ASA does not accept equipment from others, we can provide some options for those that want to ‘be green’ and reduce, reuse, and recycle. ASA does not accept donations and any equipment that you send through the form below cannot be used as a tax deduction.

American Sleep Association is not responsible for any outcome that occurs as a result of any communication or transaction from contacting the above organizations.

American Sleep Association is not affiliated in any way with any of the organizations listed on this page. ASA might receive a financial benefit as a result of your communication or transaction with above organizations. CPAP

Donating Your CPAP

Another option for donating equipment is to contact the Reggie White Sleep Disorders Research and Education Foundation. They are a 501c3 entity that accepts donated CPAP machines.

Sell Your CPAP

CPAP machine

It is legal to buy and sell CPAP masks and supplies without a prescription. Please know that a physician prescription is required in order to obtain a CPAP or BIPAP machine. Know your state and federal laws that might pertain to selling a CPAP in person or over the internet.

Benefits of Selling Your CPAP

Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of selling your used CPAP equipment is bringing in some extra cash. Another benefit is providing equipment to sleep apnea patients that do not have insurance and/or do not have financial resources to purchase a new PAP machine.

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  1. Leyda calixto Reply

    My brother is in need of a bipap machine he is in the hospital right now without health insurance
    He is at NCH Naples Fl
    Please help!

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