Charitable for-profit entity

ASA is a charitable for-profit LLC with a social objective to improve public health by increasing awareness about the importance of sleep and the dangers of sleep disorders. A secondary mission is to support other efforts and organizations that share our primary objective or help to improve public sleep health in other beneficial ways.
Revenue is generated from banner advertisements and corporate support. We do not accept donations from individuals, but can direct you to respected non-profit organizations that serve the community and align with ASA’s mission.

ASA has received funding from Carpenter Co, Philips, Apnea Sciences (SnoreRx), Amazon, and from banner affiliate advertisement and commissions.

Endorsement of any products is reached after an evaluation process by ASA members and/or volunteers. Any endorsement of a products is based on comfort and aesthetics of the product and not on efficacy. ASA endorsement does not imply efficacy.

Proceeds from revenue are used for producing educational activities and content, administrative costs, and supporting other charitable efforts and organizations that align with ASA’s mission.

501(c)3 Non-Profits that ASA currently financially supports or has supported recently:

ASA is proud to support Sleeping Children Around the World –  501(c)(3)

ASA is proud to support Start School Later, Inc. –  501(c)(3)

ASA is proud to support and partner with Pajama Program  –  501(c)(3)

ASA is proud to support A Bed for Every Child (MA Coalition for the Homeless) –  501(c)(3)

ASA is proud to support Sweet Sleep –  501(c)(3)


For more information on charitable for-profit entities, please see:

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