American Sleep Association Scam Alert

American Sleep Association Scam Alert and Sound-Alike Organizations

Prior to May 2016, the website domain was not owned by American Sleep Association (

That domain has been used by at least two separate entities that have sold products and/or services over the internet without authorization from ASA. At least one of those entities used the name, “American Sleep Association” without authorization, as well as registered the name as an LLC in the State of Utah. At least one of those entities sold sleep apnea oral appliances using the American Sleep Association name.

American Sleep Association ( is not, and has not been, affiliated with any business(es) at that domain or other domains that used the ASA name and are not listed as an authorized entity on this website.

After a long battle to protect and secure the intellectual property, ASA was able to secure the domain, in May 2016.

If you have purchased items or services from any of those entities and need to reach the seller, we recommend that you use the phone number or address that was issued to you at the time of purchase.

There may be other organizations that have names that are similar to American Sleep Association.

We are not affiliated with any organizations that have similar names that are not listed as affiliates on this website. If they claim to be a non-profit organization, you may wish to ask those organizations for their IRS financial records and see reviews from other organizations like the Better Business Bureau before donating to them.











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