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Founded by physicians and scientists in 2002, the American Sleep Association believes that every member of the community, from scientists to corporations to family members, can increase awareness of the importance of sleep and the harmful effects of sleep disorders. Our mission is to help increase this awareness, support organizations in their efforts to do the same, and improve the sleep of millions.

Over the last few years, the topic of sleep has received increased attention from the medical community and the media. Sleep medicine has become its own credentialed field of health & wellness. Books, podcasts, and news shows discuss the importance of a full night’s sleep and how to achieve it. And yet, most individuals with sleep disorders and other sleep problems remain undiagnosed and untreated.

The ASA has spent the last decade  working to educate the public on the importance of diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Private, corporate, and promotional support have enabled the ASA to provide our educational resources to the public for free.

By adding new services and new content, we will remain the comprehensive source of sleep information and continue to make a positive impact by providing the world the resources needed for better sleep.

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4 thoughts on “About ASA

  1. Luanne Galizio

    Please let me know how/where I can donate the following New/unused/sealed CPap materials:

    (2) Respironics Nuance Fabric Frame Ref 1106194; 1106194
    (15) M pillow
    (1) L pillow
    (10) packages of (2) filters approx 1″x2 1/2″ Part number AG 1063096MED
    (2) Fisher&Paykel flex foam cushion frame M

  2. Stephen


    I recently saw an article on sleep disorders and this person said about 15% of adults in the U.S. do not get enough sleep each day. I thought this would be much higher than 15%. Is this correct? Also are fit bits and apple apps good for a sleep study?

    Thank you

  3. Ricardo Aponte

    Good morning! I have a 5 year old CPAP machine. I just got a new one and would like to donate the old one. Can you guide me through it?

  4. Laurie Peterson

    I am writing to Inform you that I found a few spelling and grammatical errors while reading your article about chin straps,. I thought I had inadvertently stumbled across a site selling products under the guise of a reputable organization. Perhaps a proof reader might be in order?

    Thank you for the information and links supporting the details you provided. I found it very informative!

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