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    What is Sleep?
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Veterans Continue to Suffer with Sleep Disorders

New research has indicated a six-fold increase in the prevalence of a sleep disorder in U.S. veterans over an 11-year period. Researchers noted that the highest increases in sleep disorder diagnoses were happening in ...
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obesity and sleep

Earlier Bedtimes in Children may Reduce Obesity Risk

New research has determined that preschool aged children who regularly go to bed by 8 p.m. are less likely to become obese in teenage years than children with later bedtimes. According to the study ...
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exercise and sleep

Mirroring Neurotechnology to Help Athletes with Concussion

After using HIRREM® neurotechnology, Brain State Technologies has reported that young athletes who suffered from symptoms of concussion are showing a number of long-term improvements. After three months of therapy, the small group of ...
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bed in bedroom 001 (3)

Psychological Disorders Related to Sexual Behavior in Sleep

New research out of Edinburgh has found that sexual behavior in sleep (SBS) may be linked to underlying psychological and psychiatric conditions that are rooted all the way back to childhood. The findings were ...
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sleep better

4 Ways to Teach Your Mind to Sleep

There can be a large mental component that prevents people from sleeping well. This may manifest as a racing mind that prevents you from falling asleep at night. It might mean you wake up ...
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sleep night terror nightmare

Night Terrors? Sleep Walking? Don’t Lose Sleep When Your Child Has These Common Sleep Complaints!

What are parasomnias? Parasomnias are common sleep disruptions that can occur when a child is falling asleep or waking up. Parasomnias occur at the transition of deep sleep and consciousness where a child’s brain ...
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acupressure and sleep

Acupressure Helps with Fatigue and Sleep Quality of Cancer Survivors

Women who have been treated for breast cancer often complain of lack of sleep and persistent fatigue, but a new study has found that acupressure helps to reduce that constant feeling of tiredness. Breast ...
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human cells

Low Quality Sleep Can Lead to Inflammation

The journal, Biological Psychiatry, has published a new meta-analysis study that shows inflammatory markers present in those with long sleep duration and sleep disturbance complaints. Dr. John Krystal, Editor of the journal, emphasized the ...
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What is Catathrenia?

Catathrenia is a parasomnia – abnormal behavior of the nervous system during sleep – and characterized by groaning on exhalation during sleep. The person will usually take a very deep inhalation, hold their breath ...
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