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American Sleep Association is an organization dedicated to improving public health by increasing awareness about the importance of sleep and the dangers of sleep disorders and snoring. Since 2002, ASA has provided valuable resources to help you get a better night’s sleep. We help people to know the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for various sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, RLS, narcolepsy, snoring and others.

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diabetes and sleep

Does CPAP Help Glycemic Control?

Some studies have suggested that people with diabetes and poor glycemic control may benefit from the use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). The results of a randomized and controlled trial published in the ...

What is Respiratory Disturbance Index? RDI?

What is Respiratory Disturbance Index? RDI? The respiratory disturbance index is the apnea hypopnea index (AHI) + the respiratory effort related arousal (RERA) index. RERA is basically on the spectrum of airflow resistance. Snoring<RERA<Hypopnea<Apnea ...
School students and Sleep

Poor Academic Performance Linked to Irregular Sleeping Patterns

In prior studies, scientists analyzed different variations of sleep patterns, including data on quality of sleep, sleep and wake times, as well as number of hours slept.  Evidence suggests that there is a link ...
sleepy classroom

Childhood Sleep and School Success

New research out of Australia’s Queensland University of Technology suggests that 1 in 3 children between newborn and five years of age have trouble sleeping, leading to behavioral and emotional problems in the school ...
Alcohol and sleep

The Effect of Alcohol on Sleep

We’ve all seen someone comatose with drink, passed out at a party, or heavy-lidded at a bar. In times gone by, people even used to slip children a sip of gin to make them sleep ...
A Link Between Cognitive Function and Sleep Disorders in MS Patients

A Link Between Cognitive Function and Sleep Disorders in MS Patients

Every person diagnosed with multiple sclerosis experiences it differently. Most experience a difficulty in keeping their sense of self and holding onto their abilities. The researchers at University of Michigan, keeping this aspect of ...
massage and sleep

Benefits of Low-Cost Treatments like Massage and Guided Imagery for Insomnia

Many patients in a progressive care unit suffer from difficulty sleeping, as well as pain and anxiety.  In a recent study, researchers found that clinical massage and guided imagery might be a low-cost benefit ...

Fatal Familial Insomnia

Fatal Familial Insomnia Fatal familial insomnia (FFI) is a very rare autosomal dominant inherited prion disease of the brain It is almost always caused by a mutation to the protein PrPc, but can also ...
When FOMO Causes You To Move In Slo-Mo

When FOMO Causes You To Move In Slo-Mo

Tips for Promoting Healthy Sleep in Teenagers FOMO, also known as Fear Of Missing Out, is the fear of events happening on social media while you’re not present, which would only appear to be ...

The American Sleep Association (ASA) was founded in 2002 by a group of Sleep Professionals seeking to improve Public Health by increasing awareness of the importance of Sleep in ensuring a high quality of life, as well as the dangers of Sleep Disorders. Currently, our focus is on resolving and alleviating InsomniaNarcolepsySleep Apnea, Sleep Deprivation and Snoring. Through our own Research, and by investing in the Research of others, the ASA Members and Board are committed educating millions of people on the importance of sleep health.
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